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Blame Game

Tuesday, July 22nd 2014

This has always been a major irritation of mine. Every time I hear the media try to scapegoat our hobby as corrupting our young impressionables I want to kick a news anchors kitten. Because it never fails, just shortly after blaming video games or music or movies for causing all the evils in the world they follow it up with some story of some atrocity being commited by REAL people. That frikkan live near me.. All with live high definition video and audio.

Wait, let me go lock my door real fast..

But seriously. I don't even watch the news anymore because its depressing. Its always something horrible being reported on and if anything is desensitizing us from violence in the world its the news stations and their constant stream of horrendous "news" that they air to give publicity to the horrors of the world. I mean it sucks that these bad things happen but I don't know if giving the criminals or degenerates that do these things a moment in the spotlight is such a good idea anyway..

I digress. I could wail on this subject for hours easy, but I don't want to get sidetracked. It just bothers me when I hear about some kid shooting up some school or whatever and the first thing the media does is blame Call Of Duty. C'mon people, that is ridiculous, get a damned grip. And mind you, it's not like the news is on some pay per view channel or only aired at 1am. Its easily accessible from any TV during hours that plenty of kids are still on candy bar sugar highs.

You can have an ESRB all day long and prohibit children from watching rated R movies, but then you turn around and broadcast this crap to them all anyhow. So long as you get ratings though and you can pay some news anchor to say "Oh how shocking", its totally cool. Just blame the video games, its much easier that way.

/soapbox over.