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Into The Wild

Sunday, May 18th. 2014

Popped into the open beta for Wildstar a few days back to check it out. I wasn't really looking forward to it nor did I have any massive expectations for it, I just wanted to see what it was.

I should pre-face the following by admitting that I probably spent a total of 2 hours in the beta. So I'm far from a master of in-depth knowledge on the game.

What I will say is my first thought upon entering the game was that it looked like Blizzard and Cartoon Network had a sexual affair, and Wildstar was the byproduct of their tryst. Not that there's anything wrong with that per se, its just what I noticed.

Then I spoke with an NPC. A little floaty text bubble popped over their head with tiny, unvoiced quests that seemed to be very WoW style quest hub type quests. GO to A, talk to all the exclamation points, kill everything at location B, return to A. Everything was very World Of Warcraftian except that their might have been a cut-scene that appeared after completion of a major quest hub.

I am one for lore in the games I play. I enjoy knowing why I'm slaughtering a seemingly peaceful settlement of pygmy raccoons for their doodads. But in Wildstar, I just had to assume that these were pygmy's of DOOM because I couldn't be bothered to try and read the little text bubbles. Sadly, suffice to say, I just didn't give a shit. There were pygmys that needed a-slaughterin and I obliged. Yipee-Kiy-Yie-Yay and yeehaw ya varmints.

Oh yea, and it was decidedly space westerny too. All in all, it seemed ok. I might play it more someday when I'm bored of whatever I'm playing at the time and need something to do. But I didn't walk away with that I Must obtain this item! feeling I usually get from these kinds of things.

Space Wow. Meh.