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A Rift In Design

Tuesday, May 6th 2014

I'm incredibly excited about the Oculus Rift, really I am! While everyone else is talking about their play-stations and X-boxen, I've been keeping my eye on the horizon for this little puppy. I hope it works as well as it does in my head, because this could very well be the real next step for gaming. Or the mushrooms still be causing me to hallucinate. Definitely one or the other.

The idea though of being immersed in a game through complete sight and sound though could be incredible. Id take immersion like this even if it forces a step backwards in graphical fidelity. If only there was a way to move without having to use a controller though. But one step at a time there cupcake. That necessity for a controller though is I believe what is causing people to experience the motion sickness when using the Rift. Fine with me, I want this thing so bad that I'll create a mouth bag attachment so I don't have to stop playing with it.

Because I do tend to have difficulty stopping once I've started playing with something.

Segue Time! If they haven't already started making porn for this thing, you just know they will. Which means somewhere, someone is going to get walked in on with the Rift on their head, and their joystick in their hand. And worse, they'll have no idea they were caught until that catcher literally walks up and taps them on the shoulder... While they're joysticking... That's just a bad situation for all involved. We need safeguards for this kind of thing!

Because I'm sure it'll happen to me.