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What's In A Name?

Friday, May 9th 2014

We've been playing a lot of Elder Scrolls Online lately and I really don't understand all the sub-par reviews for it. I've been having a great time and it's pretty much exactly what I expected it to be. Though I have heard from some people that it feels more like a single player MMO with other people running around. Maybe I haven't noticed since I just tend to play all these types of games with Sorrea as my questing mate and general loot-whorian. It feels very Elder-Scrolls-y to me, which is exactly what I hoped for in a game based on the Elder Scrolls franchise. Go figure.

But I can't steal everyone's shit. That kinda bums me out since I apparently have a deep seeded kleptomaniac inside of me somewhere that Elder Scrolls games bring to the front. I hear that all thing thievery are coming in an update someday, so that's something to look forward to.

I have noticed in my time playing that a lot of folks in this game are tending to make use of the ability to use both punctuation and regular text characters in their names. I appreciate this. When all the NPC Argonian's are named "Sees-All Colors" or the like, and you play a similar race, you should be able to follow the same conventions. As always though, this is the interwebs. And the interwebs are chock-full of clever, clever spiderlings. So while the name's style may follow suit, the actual combination of the alphabet making up the core of the name... Not so much.


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