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The High Road

Monday, May 12th. 2014

Yes today's strip is unfortunately based on a true story. I was recently "Let-Go" from my job of 6 years by a monumental douche nozzle of a man. And I also had contemplated setting him ablaze for his douchiness more than once.. Maybe it was a good thing I was fired before I ended up in prison.

But all things have a silver lining as they say. And this leads me to two things. One- Whenever I meet whoever "They" are, I hope to God I have the duct tape handy because "They" sometimes talk too much. And two- what they say or have said at some point, seems to have rang true in this case.

I had gotten very complacent in my time at my former position, and it also didn't allow me the time to mentally brew up a concoction like this website or these comics. I had completely let my creativity die off so I could better be a part of our functioning society, instead of taking the piss out of it like I should have been doing all along.

What can I say, it's a gift.

So yes, silver lining indeed. You win this round "They". Because if I hadn't lost my position at "Corporation X", you wouldn't be reading these words right now. Yes the pay for something like this is significantly less (zero), but my enjoyment of it is much higher. Plus no more douchey boss. I guess that makes me the douchey boss now.

Maybe I should hire a hot secretary and make her get me a coffee.. Any takers?


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