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Tuesday, June 3rd 2014

World of Warcraft is probably the 2nd longest relationship I've ever had with something or someone. When we first started, everything was amazing. She was a magical creature that completely enveloped my thoughts. Hell I even had dreams about frolicking in her fields. We had a lot of good times together, World of Warcraft and I. Back then she was so beautiful and full of life. She was fun.

Now she could use a facelift and she has the personality of a dead Kodo. Not only that, but she's gotten a little over obsessive with the emails and I cant even go to a website anymore without seeing her posting advertisements trying to get me to pick up my old relationship with her.

Im sorry honey, we had a good run. I loved you once. But I've moved on and I don't think I'm ever going to be able to come back, at least not like things used to be.

All joking aside, while I don't play WoW anymore (I figured I'd just post that here since its the number one question I get), I will still tell you that I think its the best MMO on the market. Even when I'm out spending time with newer, prettier, games. The problem isn't WoW itself; its just that after playing it for so many years, its lost its shine for me. I log in and end up sitting on my mechano-hog in the same spot in Orgrimmar just screwing around in chat. And paying a subscription to do so.

And fuck a bunch of dailies. Seriously..

While I don't play WoW currently, I am still a massive Blizzard fanboi and always will be. I love Hearthstone, the new Diablo 3 expansion is amazing, and hell I even jump into Starcraft to get my ass handed to me from time to time.

But WoW, as much as I used to love you, our affair is over. Stop trying to offer me free level 90's, I ain't biting.

Damn though, that Horde bike from Azeroth Choppers does look pretty sexy..


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