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Sun, May 4th 2014

Games, girls, and geek culture. Ah, my favorite things (Minus Chipotle burritos, but that didn't start with a G so it wouldn't work). Welcome to the new site, a web-comic based on my fav-or-ite things. All geekdom and innuendo with an added injection of the sharp Nyhm wit and style.

I hope you aren't easily offended, because I will likely try my best to push those limits. You probably recognize me from the parody work done on YouTube, and if so, you know what to expect here. If not, hold tight snowflake, its going to be a wild ride!

Something like this has been a long time coming. My creativity needs an outlet, and a web-comic seems to be a perfect fit for me. More quick hitting sharp humor about all things geek, less much-to-be-desired vocal quality.

Pull up a chair, and pass me a burrito.


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